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Tembo Group’s artisans come from around the world. In their home countries they used their skills to make a wide variety of artistic items such as oil paintings, jewelry, clothing and home décor, to name a few. Due to war, famine, genocide, religious persecution or political belief they fled their home countries and immigrated to the United States in order to have a life. Many refugees and asylees, after entering our country, must find a place to live, learn how to navigate our government bureaucracy, become fluent in English, and learn new skills to find employment. Tembo Group artisans are given the opportunity to utilize skills developed in their home countries. Working in our Baltimore store the artisans craft jewelry, oil paintings, women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, baby items, home accents, products for the kitchen and dining rooms, stationary, and outdoor artwork.

Mi Tahm

Mi Tahm began her career as a seamstress in Burma, also known as Myanmar. She sews beautiful t-shirts, handbags, and more. Learn more about Mi’s escape from her home country.


I came in USA in 2012 to join my husband who lives there as asylee. The choice of the America is thus impose to me, just like the city of Baltimore where my husband had find refuge to his friends when he left our country. Learn more about Yolande

Rebecca Zamani


Born in Tehran, Rebecca began painting as a teenager, painting professionally since 19. She is experienced in many painting styles and mediums, and has also branched out into jewelry making. Learn more about Rebecca’s talents.


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Ron Matz from WJZ stopped by the Tembo Group this morning to interview our artisans and introduce Tembo Group to the Baltimore community. We really appreciate all of the support and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. We welcome everyone to stop by...

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