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Tooth Fairy Pillow for holding teeth that have fallen out


The tooth fairy pillow is for holding a tooth that has fallen out.

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Product Description

This cute little tooth fairy pillow has an embroidered white tooth shape stitched on top of the colorful fabric.  The top of the tooth is open, allowing a child to drop his tooth into the pillow.  The ribbon at the top of the pillow allows it to by hung around the bedpost or doorknob, making it easy for the tooth fairy to take the tooth and leave a treat for the child.    In middle ages in England were instructed to burn the children’s teeth to save the child from hardship after life.

This makes a wonderful gift for child around the age of five, especially when paired with the book “Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: tooth Traditions from Around the World” by Selby Baler and illustrated by G. Brian Karas.


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