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Handcrafted Jewelry

We have handmade artisan jewelry made here in Baltimore that is fun and playful as well as professional and elegant. Or you could say it runs from funky to fashionable!  The beaded earrings and necklaces will add a sparkle to any outfit without weighing you down. The fabric beaded necklaces can be the one accessory to tie an outfit together, or can be worn as a statement piece. There are great pins to adorn a suit or coat, and will certainly get tongues wagging when you tell your friends they are made out of recycled tea bags. And let’s not forget our t-shirt jewelry – a fabulous touch for your summer outfits! Our origami jewelry adds a nice whimsical touch to any outfit. We carry beautiful and unique rings. If you fall in love with a ring but it does not fit you, do not worry, our jewelry maker will make one in your size.