Handcrafted Products for Men

Tembo Group offers handmade products for men and their homes, which are fashioned by local artisans many of whom came to Baltimore as refugees or asylees.  These individuals use their skills to create unique crafts for the American marketplace.  Due to the convenience of our artisans working on-site in Fells Point, some items can be customized and special orders taken.

Men’s Clothing

Tembo Group carries chef’s aprons for men and t-shirts.  Our chef’s aprons have three generous pockets on each side of the reversible apron, with the Raven’s logo.  These handmade aprons are a great gift for the backyard and tailgate chef. Learn more about our handmade men’s clothing.

Men’s Accessories

The men’s handmade accessories carried by Tembo Group in our Baltimore store include wallets, luggage tags, key chains, jewelry and more! Check out our men’s accessories.