What We Care About

How We Can Help

We can help others by bettering ourselves and the world around us:


  • Providing employment to newly arrived refugees and those who have achieved their asylum status – these new arrivals to the United States come from counties in which they were persecuted, or their lives threatened, due to their ethnicity, religious beliefs, sex, or political opinion
  • The plight of refugees around the world – the UN High Commissioner for Refugees indicates there are 10.5 million refugees in the world – that is almost twice the population of Maryland.  Of the roughly 1% of refugees that resettle in a 3rd country (ie: not the one they first fled to), the United States takes in half of these
  • Protecting the environment – we work to design product that uses recycled and repurposed materials such as t-shirts, garden hoses, tea bags, fabric, men’s shirts and paper.  Please bring us your dried out and empty tea bags!  After drying them, carefully remove the string and staple and pour the dried tea into your wastebasket.  Then bring the tea bags to the store and see products that we make with them
  • Partnering with socially conscious businesses – there are a few companies with a social mission whose product we have chosen to carry.  They include:
    • HRB Movement is a brand of clothing & apparel with a focus on designs featuring positive imagery and sustainability.  They make wonderfully soft t-shirts using all sustainable fabrics including organic and recycled cotton, bamboo, recycled water bottles and hemp.  Additionally they plant one tree for every product purchased and use water based dyes which are easier on the environment.
    • Baskets for Education imports beautifully hand woven baskets from Ghana, West Africa.  Profits from the sales of these baskets directly support the Kisseman Children’s Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which educates children in Kisseman Village whose parents do not have the financial means to provide their child with an education.  The Kisseman Children’s Foundation provides children with scholarships to attend local schools, as well as educational lessons and supplies.

What We Care About

Upcoming Events

2016 EVENTS June 5 First Sunday in Annapolis Annapolis here were come! This is a great street fair that takes place on the first Sunday from spring until fall, and we are planning to be there most of those dates! There is great food, music, and of course CRAFTS. Stop...

Painting with Watercolor Classes

Beginning in February Tembo Group is offering classes on painting with watercolor.  The 2 hour class is offered on Sundays from 3-5pm.  The cost is $35.  We supply the materials.  You are welcome to bring something to drink.  Please reserve your place by calling us at...

We’ve got Baltimore Talking!

Ron Matz from WJZ stopped by the Tembo Group this morning to interview our artisans and introduce Tembo Group to the Baltimore community. We really appreciate all of the support and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. We welcome everyone to stop by...